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You cannot change your phone number via your app. To change it you must contact with our customer service team.

No. You can either be an investor or an investee.

You can update your bank details through the app.

We do not show or share anyone’s address or phone number to prevent harassment. For more information, please view our Privacy Policy.

Once your application has been approved by Shadhin, your profile can be viewed by all registered investors in Shadhin Marketplace. This includes your full name, purpose of funding, funding amount, funding duration, Gini score as this information helps you to get a funding faster. However, this information will not be visible to general visitors to the website. For more information, please view our Privacy Policy.

Shadhin does not provide you with your credit score.

These documents are required to evaluate the investee’s credit-worthiness and intention/stability and ability to take and repay the funding.

Shadhin holds the right to decline a listing in certain cases such as:

  1. The Investee is unable to provide complete documentation or cannot be authenticated.
  2. Upon evaluation of the documents, the investees application, financial status or credit worthiness is poor. Shadhin evaluates several documents and multiple data sources to evaluate the investee’s credit-worthiness and intention/stability and ability to take and repay the funding. Any deficiency on these parameters will lead to a decline of the application.
  3. Verification report is negative at the residence or work address submitted by the investee.
  4. Investee does not agree with the terms & conditions. If at any stage of funding application,
  5. Shadhin finds that misleading information was deliberately provided by the investee with intentions to cheat and hurt the Shadhin system, its investors, partners or employees or to infringe or steal the intellectual property of Shadhin.

What Documents Do I need to Submit:

Shadhin requires several documents to completely evaluate an investee. These documents must be uploaded directly via the App.

Below are the mandatory documents needed to proceed with an application.

  • Personal Photo
  • National ID Card
  • Salary or Business Certificate
  • Utility Bill
  • First and Last Page of Bank Statement


Shadhin may follow up for further documents.

You have to pay 2.5% flat monthly community fees/ monthly return which is provided to the investor for being an active member of Shadhin community and providing support to you.

You can pay back earlier if you want. However, you will not receive any benefits for early prepayment and will be liable to pay for community fees.

Currently, funding tenures are fixed from minimum 01 months to maximum 06 months.

The funding amount varies on a case by case basis and is dependent on your financial status and application details. In general, you can get funded by Shadhin investors from Tk. 10,000 to Tk. 1,00,000.

The first step is to create an account through app. Simply click on the Sign-Up icon and register through the simple step by step process as instructed. Once you have filled the basic & professional information required and uploaded the documents required you can apply for funding. Then, Shadhin will identity-verify, and evaluate your profile and funding application. If qualified, your funding application will be approved and listed on the Shadhin Market place for investors to commit funds.

The options available to people looking for funds are complicated, time consuming and generally very expensive. It’s a very easy and efficient way for Bangladeshis in need to fund to get quick access to it – from other Bangladeshis who are able to provide these funds.

Shadhin offers the investees a flat rate community fees and less hassle than traditional financing options. It offers attractive, an easy online application, friendly service and no hidden charges.

No, there are no hidden charges. We’ve developed a very simple, convenient and transparent system, where every single thing is clear to our valuable customers. For all Fee Details, please see in the Section: “Shadhin Fees & Charges”

We are using a highly-developed, technology-driven process to verify the personal and financial information and documents provided by the investee. Our experienced team checks the identity and the financial history of the investee to analyze the due diligence. In the end we will evaluate and understand the intention, the stability and the ability situation of the investee.

Every investee should meet the following conditions:

  • Investee can be any Bangladesh resident, with an age of 18 years or above with a valid bank account and NID card.
  • Investee have to read and understand the Shadhin Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions before registering.
  • Investees cannot receive funding from our platform to lend to any individuals / platforms or institutions.
  • Investees cannot use the funding money to conduct any criminal activities or any activities considered illegal
  • Investees agree that they have not misrepresented any information or provided false answer or fake documentations.
  • Investee must sign on a Term Contract with the Investor and abide by all the terms & conditions mentioned in the legal agreement signed by them.
  • Investees are made aware that information shared by them will be shared with the Shadhin Investors.
  • Investees are made aware any change in any of the information provided (including address) in the app will be reported via our call centre or via app within 3 business days

Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) are considered as monthly payments. EMIs are calculated using the funding amount with addition of all fees which is divided by the funding duration. Your EMI per month will remain the same throughout the tenure of your funding. EMIs are calculated by following this formula.

EMI = (Funding Amount+All other fees)/(Funding Duration (Months))

We will deposit the amount on your personal bank account.

We require a short time to analyze the application. On average, investees receive their funds within a week of approving the application.

  • Payment Gateway Fees:
    • Flat Fees charged to the Investee when returning funds (making monthly payments) to the Investor
    • Generally, 2.5% of the Total Amount of the Transaction
    • Charged against every payment made by Investee
    • This fee is completely charged by our Payment Gateway Provider: SSL Commerce
  • Shadhin App Fees (One time)
    • One-time fees charged by Shadhin App for all the services provided to the Investee
    • One Time Flat Fee: 3%
    • Charged before disbursing the funding to the Investee, i.e. the final amount received by Investee is the amount deducted from Funding Request
  • Shadhin Community Fee for Investors:
    • Flat Fee that is provided to the Investor as a return for being a part of the Shadhin Community and providing funding to potential Investee
    • Flat Fee: 2.5%
    • Investee pays the flat fee on the Total Funding Amount, through the term of the funding (e.g. if Funding is 20,000 for a 2-month term, the flat fee would be 500 in Month 1 and 500 in Month 2)
  • Late / Recovery Fee:
    • If investee delays in paying his monthly funding amount by 30 days, he will be charged a late / recovery fee on the “Funding Amount” that was owed for that period for which he was late
    • The amount of late fee is 2% per month for the Funding amount
    • The late fee will continue to be incurred over the duration of the period it is late
    • The late fee will be charged only on the delayed principal amount of EMI.

*Shadhin has the right to change any fees and charges.

An intermediary providing financial matchmaking services via an Online Platform/App for Individuals looking for quick funding from other Individuals who are willing to provide funding.

An intermediary providing financial matchmaking services via an Online Platform/App for Individuals looking for quick funding from other Individuals who are willing to provide funding.

The Person who is Requesting for Funding.

Investors and Investees using Shadhin App.

Yes, Shadhin App charges an “App Fee”. These are Fees collected by the Shadhin App to run the app, provide customer service and due diligence and all other services provided by Shadhin. This is a one-time fee. For all Fee Details, please see below in the Section: “Shadhin Fees & Charges”

Fees for delayed payment by the Investee. For all Fee Details, please see below in the Section: “Shadhin Fees & Charges”