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About Us

Shadhin Fintech is a start-up focusing on the Financial Well-Being of Bangladeshis’. Shadhin is the first peer-to-peer funding platform in Bangladesh with the goal of creating a community based financial well-being platform.

We focus on 3 key areas within Financial Well-Being: 1) Financial Access, 2) Financial Advice and 3) Financial Education

  1. Financial Access:
    • Shadhin has a simple intuitive platform that connects peers to achieve personal financial goals, to enable financial inclusion for Shadhin customers
    • Specifically, the platform that connects Investees, Small Business or Individuals to Potential Investors, Sponsors, and Financial backers. This is to enable Investee, Small Business or Individual to raise funds for their current or future businesses/startups
  2. Financial Advice
    • The platform also aims to Connect Investors, Investees and Financial experts in a forum to discuss basic to advanced financial, investment and start-up advice in an effort to create a community-based learning and advisory forum.
    • Shadhin Platform will also provide a Shadhin Score, using Shadhin Proprietary Artificial intelligence algorithm to create the first AI and Big Data based Risk Score for individuals
    • Artificial intelligence algorithm based on 100+ metrics, using a combination of Traditional Questions and Psychographic evaluations
  3. Financial Education
    1. The platform will have user-friendly content aimed to drive financial literacy across the country, specifically: education on simple financial, banking concepts, how to start up a company, ways to save money, etc.

We are a team of young and energetic professionals who have come together from diverse backgrounds such as investment banking, consulting, technology, e-commerce and startup management to disrupt the personal finance sector in Bangladesh.

Thus, whether you are are looking to fund your next business idea or wish to sponsor the next best business, Shadhin is here to help you.

Who We Are?

Shadhin Fintech is an advanced marketplace funding platform in Bangladesh which connected to investing in peer to peer lending. Our goal is to provide people financial access, advice and education to achieve their financial goals.

Our Board of Directors

10+ yr Data Analytics

Fortune 500: P&G

Banking: Scotia Bank, CIBC

Masters in Banking & Fin Law – Osgoode Hall Law School

Shadman Y. • Director

10+ yr market CFO experience

Fortune 500: P&G, Coty

Fintech executive programs MIT & Oxford

Masters degree in Finance

Diederik van Ommeren • Director

5 yrs + experience
Banking & Financial Law

Masters in Law, City University

Off Counsel – Legal Circle

Sameera M. • Director