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An intermediary providing matchmaking services via an Online Platform/App for Individuals looking for quick funding from other Individuals.

The Person who is Providing Funding.

The Person who is Requesting for Funding.

The GINI SCORE is computed via an external agency (https://ginimachine.com) – International Agency of Risk Rating for individuals. Score provided by Artificial Intelligence based Algorithm provider – Gini Machine.

Investors and Investees using Shadhin App.

Amount that is requested by Investee to be funded.

Income/Monthly Return earned by Investor for being an active member of the Shadhin Community and providing support to the Shadhin Investees.

Fees collected by the Shadhin App to run the app, provide customer service and due diligence and all other services provided by Shadhin.

Before Investing in your favorite investee you need to add money to your account. An investor can add money though Bangladesh Automated Cheque Processing Systems (BACPS), Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) and Bangladesh Electronic Funds Transfer Network (BEFTN).

Gini score is generated based on the information an investee provided.

Monthly payments are equated monthly installments calculated using the reducing balance method. Your installment per month will remain the same throughout the tenure of your funding.

Every investor should meet the following conditions:

  • Investors can be any Bangladesh resident, with an age of 18 years or above with a valid Bank Account or Mobile Wallet (bKash, NAGAD) and NID card can fund on Shadhin.
  • Investors have to read and understand the Shadhin Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions before registering.
  • Investors cannot use borrowed money to fund via the Shadhin platform
  • Investors must honor their commitments and not renege on their funding offers after listing it on our site.
  • Investors will adhere to all local applicable laws, including relating to income tax and pay taxes on the income so generated.
  • The Investor will “APPROVE” every single Investee via the App- which will provide all the details about the funding request.
  • Investors will follow AML and CFT policies as per regulation of Bangladesh Bank.

We are using a highly-developed, technology-driven process to verify the personal and financial information and documents provided by the investee. Our experienced team checks the identity and the credit history of the investee to analyze the due diligence. In the end we will evaluate and understand the intention, the stability and the ability situation of the investee.

No, there are no hidden charges. We’ve developed a very simple, convenient and transparent system, where every single thing is clear to our valuable customers.