Shadhin holds the right to decline a listing in certain cases such as:

  1. The Investee is unable to provide complete documentation or cannot be authenticated.
  2. Upon evaluation of the documents, the investees application, financial status or credit worthiness is poor. Shadhin evaluates several documents and multiple data sources to evaluate the investee’s credit-worthiness and intention/stability and ability to take and repay the funding. Any deficiency on these parameters will lead to a decline of the application.
  3. Verification report is negative at the residence or work address submitted by the investee.
  4. Investee does not agree with the terms & conditions. If at any stage of funding application,
  5. Shadhin finds that misleading information was deliberately provided by the investee with intentions to cheat and hurt the Shadhin system, its investors, partners or employees or to infringe or steal the intellectual property of Shadhin.

What Documents Do I need to Submit:

Shadhin requires several documents to completely evaluate an investee. These documents must be uploaded directly via the App.

Below are the mandatory documents needed to proceed with an application.

  • Personal Photo
  • National ID Card
  • Salary or Business Certificate
  • Utility Bill
  • First and Last Page of Bank Statement


Shadhin may follow up for further documents.