Every investee should meet the following conditions:

  • Investee can be any Bangladesh resident, with an age of 18 years or above with a valid bank account and NID card.
  • Investee have to read and understand the Shadhin Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions before registering.
  • Investees cannot receive funding from our platform to lend to any individuals / platforms or institutions.
  • Investees cannot use the funding money to conduct any criminal activities or any activities considered illegal
  • Investees agree that they have not misrepresented any information or provided false answer or fake documentations.
  • Investee must sign on a Term Contract with the Investor and abide by all the terms & conditions mentioned in the legal agreement signed by them.
  • Investees are made aware that information shared by them will be shared with the Shadhin Investors.
  • Investees are made aware any change in any of the information provided (including address) in the app will be reported via our call centre or via app within 3 business days